Help Neighbourhood Watch understand cybercrime

18th Aug


Neighbourhood Watch are undertaking a survey to improve the understanding of the impact of cybercrime on communities.  Cybercrime is defined as any illegal online behaviour which has a negative impact on someone. This could be the theft of money or personal information such as email logins, or identity information like passport details or a home address.

Scams are often delivered in the form of unexpected emails asking for personal and sensitive information. Usually, the recipient is asked to either reply to the email, download an attachment in it (which often has harmful malware inside) or click on a link that will then take them to a fake website which harvests the information provided for later misuse.

Scams such as misleading phone calls from people pretending to be from a real company, selling goods that don’t exist, representative or door-to-door scams are not included in the scope of the survey.

You can find the survey here:

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