Hollingdean Residents Petition on Parking

28th Feb

Hollingdean Terrace, Roedale Road, Dudley Road where residents are concerned about parking

Some Hollingdean residents who own cars may have found a flyer on their vehicle in the last week referring to resident parking charges. A bit confused  – as not aware of any consultation on parking, Hollingdean News asked our local councillor Tracey Hill if there was any more information on this.

In July 2017 a public meeting to consider parking in Hollingdean was held, attended by over 100 residents. The majority were against permit parking – full note of the meeting can be seen Parking_meeting_July17.

More recently, some residents of Hollingdean Terrace, Dudley and Roedale Roads have become increasingly concerned about difficulties parking – citing use of streets by vans parked for months and people working nearby leaving their cars in the streets during the day.

A petition has been set up asking for support from those who want permit parking, which should be considered at the next meeting of the council transport committee.

In response to this second petition is now live circulated by residents who oppose permit parking.

There is a car club space at the bottom of Hollingdean Terrace, mentioned in the pro permit petition. The space has been there for years but not used or enforced. The car club have agreed to put a car there to see if there’s demand for it. If the club car is used it has the potential to take other cars off the road so could help ease parking problems.

The petitions  are likely to be considered at BHCC Environment, Transport  and Sustainability Committee meeting on 19th of March – the agenda is not yet published.

Assuming the issue is discussed at the council meeting we will update you on the committees’ views.

For permit parking to be introduced in any area in Brighton and Hove there has to be a public consultation so everyone impacted would be asked for their views – given there are people both in favour and against permit parking.

Tracey has also heard that shops in the Dip might be interested in petitioning to introduce 1 hour parking at the Dip, to prevent people parking in front of the shops for days or weeks at a time. If you have a view about that I’d be interested in hearing from it. If there’s a petition, Tracey will be asked for a view as a ward councillor so your responses would be appreciated.

You can see what happens at the March committee here.

If you have any views on these issues, let our local councillor Tracey Hill know – tracey.hill@brighton-hove.gov.uk .

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4 Responses to Hollingdean Residents Petition on Parking

  1. Roger JARVIS February 28, 2019 at 7:34 pm #

    Definitely need restrictions by dip shops and those at the Crestway. People park up at these places to catch bus into town

  2. Sharon March 3, 2019 at 9:30 am #

    I was against it at first, but now I am totally for zoned parking. I have been parking outside my home for thirty years, and now because people have cars and work vans it can take 20 mins driving around trying to park. 3 tickets I have had because in the end I have parked where I shouldn’t. If these people or families can have two plus cars per household then they can afford to pay for a really zoned ticket. Something needs to be done and soon. I live in the crestway


  3. Jackie Ward March 3, 2019 at 12:01 pm #

    BHCC Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee should take responsibility in reviewing the impact of the permit parking restrictions across the whole of Brighton & Hove since its inception. I do not believe they fully considered or consulted the residents of communities on the fringes of the city before starting what can only be described as a money making exercise a number of years ago.
    Hollingdean roads/streets abutting the permit zones have, in the main, effectively become a car park for non residents causing misery and despondency clearly outlined in comments in both petitions. I would imagine this has been the same cause and effect of other communities that have been added to the permit zones in recent years. It is ridiculous that you should have to be forced to pay to be able to park within a reasonable distance from your home but no-one has any other solutions other than to expand the permit zone.
    Residents in Hollingdean not currently effected by this nightmare are clearly reluctant to support this expansion as they do not want to suffer a similar fate. On that basis I doubt you will ever achieve a ‘One Hollingdean’ mindset.
    For our local businesses to prosper it makes sense to support them in making sure customers can access them but this will also put more pressure on roads around them. Other than parking restrictions can someone suggest an alternative?

  4. joanna pace September 18, 2019 at 11:30 pm #

    I live in Stephens Road Hollingdean.
    Non-resident cars are left for weeks at a time parked outside my house, I assume they know it’s a free area to park so leave their vehicles whilst on holiday etc so I am told.
    I have a nice kept house with cctv by a street light so I assume they target parking as near to my house as possible.
    It’s very frustrating when I cannot park anywhere near to where I live because of the free parking in my street. My car has been vandalised when parked in other areas away from my house, reported to the police and council and put on waiting list for a garage. In the meantime suffer; not only me but my neighbours have also voiced the same opinion.
    I think permits for hour am and eve would be the only answer and I would be happy to pay to end this parking stress.
    Not only do we have big problems with parking in Stephens Road, We have cars speeding up and down the road, round bends that they cannot see past cars parked on the bend and also what is coming down or up the hill. Matter of time before we see a fatality unless something is done to prevent, such as speed humps, make Stephens Road one way make it easier for one car to pass the parked cars????

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