Forest Garden seeks friends for essential funding

7th Feb
Moulscoomb Forest Garden, based in Hollingdean, next ot Moulsecoomb Station, is a charity providing outdoor education and activity. Work days are a melting pot where helpers can include people with learning difficulties, students and youngsters in care working to achieve qualifications.
The charity runs on a shoestring, and  thanks to school budget cuts, the education work they  had built up for years collapsed. Now the garden has to fundraise to offer subsidised places. Disability services are also decimated, so more people are being sent to the project with no funding attached. Funding for everyday essential core costs like insurance, rent and wages that support the charity’s continuity and longer term sustainability is urgently needed.
The garden is seeking support and asking anyone who would like and is able to help to  become a Friend of the Forest Garden for as little as £2 a month. Currently they earn £330 a month this way and would love to get it to £500. This would cover essential running costs and stop them having sleepless nights.
Any one who wants to experience the work in the garden first hand is welcome to  visit on a Friday between 10 am and 3 pm, to see what they get up to, share a meal with everyone and see how the charity tackles issues – like loneliness, food poverty, education and feeling part of a community.
Details of how to become a Friend of the Forest Garden are here


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