News from local councillors

19th Apr

Local Councillors, Pat Hawkes, Christine Simpson and Jeane Lepper report:

We have asked Council transport officers to assess road safety in many parts of Hollingdean following concerns raised by local residents.

Highlighted by residents and Councillors in need of investigation are-

Pedestrian safety in Hollingbury Place ( The Dip) where re assessment is needed of the effectiveness now of measures put in place some years ago, including build outs, to deal with speeding cars.

Residential roads on the 50 bus route  including Davey Drive, The Crestway and Brentwood Road, passing St. Joseph’s School and the Hollingdean Sure Start Centre, Stanmer Villas and Roedale Road.   Some residents have raised the need for a crossing near St. Joseph’s.   The Local Action Team, chaired by Jeane, has asked for Hollingdean to be considered by the Council as a 20mph residential area pilot scheme.

These matters were raised at the last Council meeting.


2 Responses to News from local councillors

  1. mattyk April 19, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    please don’t put speed bumps everywhere! – they are annoying, damage the car (even when going over slowly) and people just speed up and break for them anyway.

    I’d prefer to see a 20mph speed limit with police actually enforcing it.

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