Being aware of nesting birds

30th Apr
blue tit and nestbox

Image by jLasWilson from Pixabay

Its now peak time for birds nesting and fledging – so if you have a garden or are out walking take care not to disturb nests.  Birds nest from March – August, and wild birds, nests and eggs are protected by law.  

With many of us staying at home, and less transport noise to mask natural sounds, many of us are appreciating the sound of the birds. In Hollingdean we have lots of green space, with the woods, hill fort, gardens and allotments – which are home to breeding birds.

For those lucky enough to have gardens or allotments, avoid cutting back trees and hedges until the winter – as you may be disturbing nesting sites and food sources.  Also, take care if sprucing up your home – as birds also nest on roofs, under eaves and in sheds and garages.

Sussex Wildlife Trust have produced a guide to gardening and birds – as well as lots of other information to help you learn  more about local wildlife on your walks.

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