“Share the Roads, Share the Responsibility”

16th Sep

About half the traffic collisions in the Lewes Road area are caused by “failure to look properly”. This is higher than the average for the rest of the city.  The council’s “Share the Roads, Share the Responsibility” campaign has been run a couple of times in the area – focussing on phone and MP3 player distraction. Evaluation of the campaign has shown some improvement in awareness of the risk involved in using mobiles/MP3s when crossing the road or cycling or driving.

Share The Roads advert

The council are looking to relaunch the campaign – with local radio adverts and visual images.  If you have any ideas about engaging with the community to promote the “look properly and make sure you can be seen” message to all road users – particularly the 18-35yr old population, please contact: keith.baldock@brighton-hove.gov.uk

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