Free University – in Hollingdean

16th Jan


Did you know Brighton’s Free University (FUB) runs courses in Hollingdean?  FUB offers free degree level courses.  Anyone can do the courses, regardless of educational background. They are a cooperative, community-led organisation that provides and promotes free educational events across the City of Brighton & Hove. Their aim is to grow an alternative education system that benefits us all, whoever we are, whatever our financial means.

Courses are currnently on offer at the Brighton and Hove Learning Centre at the CityClean depot.

These ‘freegrees’ cover:

  • Social Science and Humanities
  • Philosophy
  • Feminsm, Gender & Sexuality

Find out about courses available at If you would like to join a course,  contact the university by email in the first instance –

These courses are available to people living in the Brighton & Hove area only.

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