Warning to Walkers as Hollingbury Golf Course Re-opens

14th May

A warning is issued today to walkers using Hollingbury Golf Course for exercise, by Brighton and Hove City Council, as the course prepares to re-open. During lockdown the open space of the golf course has allowed residents of Hollingdean and Hollingbury to exercise (and beyond) while maintaining social distance.

Always a popular area for exercise and dog walking, residents are being reminded of the dangers of walking across the golf course, which is now leased to The Circle.
Councillor Alan Robins, chair of the Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee, says:
“Over the last few weeks we have been concerned to hear that walkers and runners are leaving the footpaths and straying further onto the course and greens. We’d like to remind them that Hollingbury Golf Course is not a public park and that it’s really important to stay on the footpaths. Although golf is not currently being played it soon will be, and straying from the paths will become extremely dangerous.”

Stay safe by sticking to paths
The council are advising everyone to stay safe by sticking to the footpaths, which are clearly marked. These include permissive paths put in place by the council’s Rights of Way officer, working with the golf course and local volunteer groups. The paths run across areas of the course where there is clear visibility to help keep both the public and golfers safe.

Councillor Robins added: “When you consider that a golf ball can travel at over 100mph, it’s really important that walkers, runners and their dogs keep to the paths and stay as safe as possible.
“If people can get into good habits now, we can avoid accidents once the course reopens.”
He said: “We are delighted that the new leaseholder has taken on this popular course. The proposed investment to improve the site and golf offer and enhance conservation is really welcomed.”
Parking reminder
Walkers are also reminded that once the course re-opens, the golf course car park will be restricted to use by golfers and visitors to the club house during opening hours and will be managed by the new leaseholders.

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One Response to Warning to Walkers as Hollingbury Golf Course Re-opens

  1. Tom May 14, 2020 at 8:11 pm #

    As a local resident I have loved accessing this space without golfers getting in the way as have thousands of other Brighton residents, it’s been a pleasure to see so many people enjoying the space. It’s such a shame that the council didn’t take the opportunity of changing its use to more public access when it had the chance to recently. I hope when the lease is up for review that it’s popularity with residents will be remembered and we can look forward to this space being preserved as a part of the South Downs National PARK in the future.

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