About Hollingdean News

Welcome to the website of Hollingdean News – a community website and newsletter published and distributed by Hollingdean residents.

Hollingdean News is managed by a committee.  It has a written constitution and members are elected into different posts and areas of responsibility each year.

Hollingdean News – quarterly newsletter

Our constitution states that “Hollingdean News aims to provide a regular source of information for Hollingdean residents and encourage community participation through the provision of a regular free newsletter distribution service”.

Hollingdean News is produced and distributed by volunteers.  We collate content from local residents and organisations, design, layout and proof read. We do our best to distribute the newsletter to every household in Hollingdean.  Our print costs are covered by offering advertising space to local business and services.

We aim to ensure the current issue of Hollingdean News is on-line within a few days of the paper version being distributed. See the archive of back issues of the newsletter.

The content of Hollingdean News is not simply information or a directory of local activities – it is a forum for raising awareness of local issues, for sharing our achievements and concerns about our neighbourhood, and for communicating our mutual interest in the place in which we live. It also acts as an outlet for residents to express themselves in a way they might not otherwise be able to do.

Hollingdean News website

This website aims to keep residents up to date with neighbourhood and community news and events as well as any wider events and issues around Brighton and Hove that impact the residents of  Hollingdean.

Keep in touch

Hollingdean News is set up by reisdents for residents. Please contact us if you have any questions about Hollingdean News or how it operates, or if you’d be interested in becoming a volunteer.  Just use the Contact Us page, email us at hollingdeannews@hotmail.com or leave a message on 07963 301 570.

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