Brighton Community Acupuncture

14th Sep


Brighton Community Acupuncture


Fridays 12 – 7 pm at Hollingdean Community Centre

   TREATMENTS from £15 to £35  

Are you suffering from pain or health-related problems?

Acupuncture treats most physical or psychological complaints

It has been used for millennia to alleviate pain and restore health. It can remedy chronic and acute illnesses, stress-related conditions and psychological issues. It increases vitality, strengthens the constitution and supports the immune system which helps heal illnesses, eliminate pain and improve your general wellness. You can try acupuncture for any condition and is extremely safe. Only disposable needles are used.

With decades of practice in acupuncture and psychotherapy I have the experience to meet your specific physical or psychological needs. The clinic is run as a multi-bed practice whilst ensuring sufficient privacy and comfort and required health standards.

The aim of the Brighton Community Acupuncture is make treatment affordable and accessible to all. Instead of typical £40-plus charges, this community-ethos clinic offers treatments from £15 to £35, according to your income and what you can afford.

To book an appointment please contact:
Amadis Cammell (M.B.A.C.) on 07964 291417



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