A New Community Wholefood Shop for Hollingdean?

10th May

A New Community Wholefood Shop for Hollingdean?

EarthSea Wholefoods (until recently Coachwerks Wholefoods) is a small, plant-based wholefood shop based at the Coachwerk Studios on Hollingdean Terrace. The shop is run by a small workers’ cooperative (Megan and Bill), on a not-for-profit basis. Our aim is to sell healthy, where possible seasonal, organic and local food, at affordable prices. For each product, we find the most ethical supplier. We also sell arts and crafts made in Hollingdean.

When we set up the shop in 2015 we planned to take stock after two years and see what should happen next.

Since 2017 we have had some interest from people who want to volunteer in the shop. Now that we have people volunteering, we have hit upon the idea of transforming the shop into a community project. The vision is that the shop will be run by and for people of the Hollingdean (and wider) community, on a voluntary basis. Many of our customers have said that Hollingdean needs a wholefood shop.

As we have a young family and it is no longer sustainable for us to run the shop we are planning to stay involved in the background to help with administrative tasks and general help and advice, and then gradually withdraw so that it becomes entirely a volunteer-run community shop.

Does this interest you? There will be an initial meeting to gauge interest and discuss ideas about how a community wholefood shop could work on:

Monday, 14 May, at 6pm, at the Coachwerks, 19a Hollingdean Terrace

Based on the success of this meeting we will arrange others in the coming weeks.

Look out for details of meetings and further developments, on the shop’s website: http://earthseacoop.com.


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