Parking in Hollingdean – update

12th Apr

parkingThree petitions set up by residents concerned with parking in Hollingdean were presented to BHCC Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee meeting on March 19th.

Our councillor Tracey Hill has reported back on the meeting. As the petitions were all on the same subject, the chair gave a response which covered all three:

“Thank you for your petitions. There is absolutely no proposal on the part of the Council to implement a residents parking scheme in your area. We certainly wouldn’t rush to do that without a full and proper consultation. There are opposing views on the parking solution for certain areas while in other areas there are very clear cut requests for what people want.

 There is currently a priority parking scheme timetable which runs up until 2020/21 and that includes all of the areas across the city where there is either a consultation proposed to start, a consultation actually happening, or parking schemes being implemented and some areas that are being reviewed. Those areas have all shown a strong desire for a parking consultation at the outset.

 An update report is due to be presented to the ETS Committee on 8th October 2019 on the parking scheme timetable. We will ensure representations will be considered as part of this report alongside requests from other areas so what you said today will be taken into account.

 Any parking consultation would allow officers to gauge the strength of opinion in areas on the options that might be available and as part of that consultation, people are encouraged to send in any other ideas, if they have them. If any consultation is taken forward it would be across a very wide area to capture as many views as possible but also to take into account, any potential displacement effect. As part of that, the full results including a road by road analysis would be included in a further report to allow this Committee to decide the way forward. The road by road analysis is simply that within a wider area, Councillors can see where there is more support than some areas than perhaps in others.

 I understand the concerns regarding the car club bay in the Hollingdean area taking up additional space, but research suggests that for each car club car, the need for between five and eight privately owned vehicles may be removed. Car clubs can help to reduce congestion and relieve the pressure on parking spaces in residential areas

Full report of the council meeting can be found here:$


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