Walk and Talk

1st Jul

The Right Here project is putting on a new activity called Walk and Talk.

The activity will be group walks with 6 young people (16-25) at a time, who have been experiencing social isolation and challenges with meeting new people or being in groups. Each participant will initially meet 1:1 with a counsellor to discuss their feelings about the walk and any barriers, doubts, fears etc which they might be experiencing. On the day of the walk itself, the 6 participants will be accompanied by the two counsellors who have been meeting the participants 1:1, who will offer support along the way, as well as a youth worker (and a volunteer assistant) who will lead the walk, including facilitating some ice breaking and team building games. A day or two after the walk, the participants will meet with one of the counsellors again 1-1 to talk about how the day went for them. A few days after that, the group of participants will meet again as a group for some facilitated reflection on their experiences of the walk and meeting each other.Upcoming dates for women’s group:

  • Tuesday July 9th – initial 1:1 meetings with counsellors
  • Friday July 12th (or Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th as backup dates in case of poor weather) – the day of the walk
  • Monday 15th July – 1:1 debriefs with counsellors
  • Thursday 18th July – Group debrief and reflections on the walk

Precise times to be confirmed

(dates for a men’s group, all-gender group, and trans groups to follow in future updates)

We are excited to be putting on this activity, which we believe will offer a great supported way for young people experiencing social isolation to meet new people and build their confidence and resilience.

To register a place on the activity, either go to http://right-here-brightonandhove.org.uk/activities/ to download the Activities Registration Form, and return it to Laurence Davies (Right Here Activities Coordinator) or if you want the form posted or sent to you as an attachment, just email I’ll be happy to send one. If you would like to discuss any aspects of the activity, please feel free to email laurence.davies@sussexcentralymca.org.uk or call 222562.

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