Help plant 400 trees in Burstead Woods

12th Nov

Worried about Ash Dieback? Do something by helping in your local woods!

Ash tree

Saturday December 1st, 10:00am

Friends of Hollingbury & Burstead Woods will be planting up to 400 trees and shrubs in order to improve Burstead Woods a small strip of woodland in Hollingdean. The group is planting the trees to form a hedge behind a new housing development which backs on to the woods.

Gill Taylor, Secretary of the group said: “When Pioneer House was built the builders put up a plain chain link fence on the boundary and the clearance work behind the block of flats left the woods feeling more exposed than they were before. We received some money via the council to plant up the fence to make the woods feel and look nicer and to lessen the impact of the new building.”

The group is looking for volunteers to help with the work. No experience is necessary, but wear sensible clothing and sturdy footwear.

Information about the group, where to meet and all work session dates is at

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